Phosphate Rock Crushing Plant

Phosphate Rock Crushing Plant

Phosphate rock resources in our country, although larger, lower average grade phosphate rock is a large number of low and medium grade phosphate rock, especially difficult to choose reserves of phosphate rock. Low grade phosphate rock cannot be directly used in industry, the need for mineral processing. The following article mainly study on the ore properties and process of phosphate rock ore dressing is analyzed. A dressing device, the factory has two sets of phosphate rock crushing system adopts two stage crushing process. Change due to the nature of phosphate rock, found that the phosphate rock crushing plant system gradually cannot meet the demand of broken, and a lot of problems. As a result, the phosphate rock factory to finely closed-circuit circulation improve the crushing process, good results have been achieved.

Phosphate Rock Flotation Process

Flotation has been considered to be the most effective methods of all kind of, it is used to choose don't sedimentary deposit with siliceous gangue minerals and endogenetic phosphorite. For apatite flotation research, as well as nothing more than flotation technology research. Flotation process including direct flotation of phosphate rock, reverse flotation, a positive flotation, is a reverse flotation, and double reverse flotation technology.

Before Modification Phosphate Rock Crushing Plant Process And Existing Problems

Used before modification is in the period of coarse crushing one piece broken open process, coarse crushing using a jaw crusher, the crushing particle size less than 150 mm; In using a cone crusher, the crushing particle size less than 40 mm. Phosphate rock crushing plant process at the beginning of the production is stable, this is because the production of the early use of Phosphate rock ratio above 85%, and the big proportion of the powder ore, and ore crushing, after crushing particle size less than 20 mm particles of around 90%, finely namely can enter ball mill don't have to. As the use ratio of phosphate rock declines, however, in recent years, the hardness of phosphate rock is bigger, for larger pieces, two pieces of broken ore particle size is smaller than 20 mm after open accounts for only around 60%, the particle size of about 50 mm ore accounted for about 30%, leading to ball mill for ore can only around 90%, and the grinding fineness can not meet the requirements, flotation index is difficult to control, the ball mill capacity is big, vomit phosphorus concentrate yield is low, power consumption increase.

Phosphate Rock Crushing Plant Product Advantage

  1. Phosphate rock crushing plant roller grinding wheel and the roller can be complementary, improve the durability of roller, can make it in a larger work under the grinding force and higher speed, reduce the wear parts wear and tear.
  2. Phosphate rock crushing plant host transmission device adopts gear box sealing and pulley, is stable and reliable operation.
  3. Raymond's structure of phosphate rock, covers an area of relatively small, and convenient customer operations.
  4. Raymond electrical system adopts centralized control of phosphate rock, grinding workshop basic can achieve unattended operation, can save manpower cost for the customer, and convenient maintenance.

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