Perlite Expanded Processing Plant

Perlite Expanded Processing Plant

Perlite is a new energy-saving materials industry, in recent years, the global pearlite market continues to develop, the average annual growth rate of 4% ~ 5%. Pearlite can be applied in what aspects, how can is the comprehensive utilization of perlite get more comprehensive? Pearlite sand system we are not unfamiliar, but pearlite and craft equipment there are several kinds of do you know? We commonly used for more general system of sand production line of pearlite sand, in fact, in addition to this a have several kinds of equipment and process. Perlite has a very wide range of application, the original sand after fine crushing and super fine crushing, can be used for rubber and plastic products, paint, paint, printing ink, synthetic glass, heat insulation bakelite and some mechanical components and equipment for filling material. Perlite expansion and become a kind of light, multi-functional new-type materials, light has apparent density, low thermal conductivity, good chemical stability, wide range of temperature, moisture absorption capacity is small, and non-toxic, tasteless, fire prevention, sound-absorbing characteristics, widely used in various industrial sectors.

Is becoming more and more widely in perlite application today, as more and more perlite insulation performance of the alternative materials, pearlite market is even more of a challenge, but given our perlite perlite reserves, how to effectively reduce the processing cost, its advantage in the competition becomes perlite expanded processing plant production industry first need to solve the problem. Investment perlite expanded processing plant processing perlite ore, pearlite sand production, market prospects are very broad. Our company produces the VSI sand machine production equipment is high quality pearlite sand manufacturing ideal equipment.

Surface Treatment Of Expanded Perlite

Perlite ore after fine crushing and super fine crushing and surface chemical processing, become has certain function of mineral filler, can be used for rubber and plastic industry. Zhenzhuyan powder surface chemical modification technology for: perlite powder, stirring, modified additives, heat drying, silane coupling agent, screening, modified perlite powder. Production technology of hydrophobic expanded perlite and expanded perlite are similar, it is expanding pearlite sand with airflow into the area at the same time, the use of its heat to the expanded perlite particles directly sprayed waterproofing agent, and then into the separator and the bunker, the curing film.

The Pearlite Sand Making Process

Chunks of perlite ore by vibrating feeder into the early broken jaw crusher, the early broken material by belt conveyor after secondary crushing into cone crusher, crushing the pearlite sand by belt conveyor after delivery to the circular vibrating screen, after round sieve sieve, accord with a standard sand by belt conveyor to the designated place or equipment, does not conform to the standard of sand by belt conveyor to the perlite again expanded processing plant and broken, until meet the user requirements.

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