Mini Cement Plant Project

Mini Cement Plant Project

With a new mini cement plant project technology to transform traditional wet cement production has been the trend of historical development. Using cement the transformation of the whole dry, you can get a better cement production index, energy saving at the same time, environmental pollution is small. Thus, mini cement plant project in the cement production line technology continue to be widely used. It is well known in the cement dry process production process, the materials are of a direct impact on the quality of the equipment efficiency and product, so must the material be pre-homogenized, homogenization, to make the material obtained are homogeneous form, so as to work better. If there is no cement raw meal homogenizing it is fed into the cement kiln calcination, calcination conditions may appear unstable, it is not the same degree of calcination, thus affecting the quality of the cement. In order to more fully calcined raw material, we will tend to consume more power, calories to carry out, so the cement raw material must be homogenized before proceeding calcination.

Cement Plant Equipment

Cement plant cement equipment placement nickname or equipment for cement, cement kiln equipment for the center to operate, some other affiliated cement production equipment (equipment for cement) to be faulty barely hold on, just wait until there is a problem will be kiln centralized repair. The good and bad of life and brick kiln kiln system has a direct relationship, brick kiln cement plant equipment life and have a direct relationship with the quality of masonry brick kiln. This shows the quality of bricklaying operation of the entire plant has an impact. Usually the kiln shell to withstand 400 degrees, brick kiln withstand 1600 degrees, if the brick kiln appear out, then make the kiln shell temperature is too high than its range, at night View of the investigation will be dark red.

Cement Production Process

Cement production process equipment for cement include those major cement machinery cement equipment, cement production line, cement production line cement equipment lines, including those of major cement machinery cement equipment include: cement rotary kiln, cyclone preheater, a rotary cement kiln grate cooler calcining cement clinker major equipment, has been widely used in cement, metallurgy, chemical and other industries. Mini cement plant project from the cylinder, the support means, the support means with gear wheel, gear, activities kiln, kiln seals, combustion devices and other components of the rotary kiln has a simple structure, reliable operation, easy to control the production process, etc. Features.

Nissan million tons of clinker mini cement plant project represents the highest level of current cement production technology and equipment, its operation is also put forward higher requirements, the manufacturer of cement equipment cement equipment and the entire production line of cement understanding, and cement companies the operator only needs a more extensive theoretical knowledge, but also need some experience, only the combination of theory and practice in order to enhance the operation of the initiative and foresight, improving our ability to cement production line capacity. Our company produces Nissan million tons of cement production line equipment, the economic and technical indicators has been in the forefront of the domestic four kilns similar, comprehensive energy consumption first to reach the national energy recommended indicators. The author has long been engaged in the dry kiln control operations and process management, to promote technical exchanges, the paper of our company of a production line, for example, ten thousand tons of line control operations and operational management to make some specific description, and based on their experience with operating 5000t / d cement production line comparison purposes only. To optimize system performance and process economic and technical indicators, our company based on the actual operating conditions ten thousand tons line through a series of piecemeal reform and adjustment operations to continuously improve the quality of system operation, and achieved remarkable results.

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