Mica Powder Making Machine

Mica Powder Making Machine

Mica is a kind of non-metallic minerals, containing a variety of ingredients, the most used in industry is muscovite, followed by phlogopite. Its widely used in building materials industry, the fire industry, fire extinguishing agents, welding, plastics, electrical insulation, paper, asphalt paper, rubber, pearlescent pigments and other chemical industries. Ultra-fine mica powder for plastics, coatings, paints, rubber and other functional fillers can improve their mechanical strength, enhanced toughness, adhesion, anti-aging and corrosion-resistant type. In addition to very high electrical insulation properties, resistance to acid corrosion, flexibility, toughness, and sliding resistance, heat insulation, thermal expansion coefficient of small properties, but also the first to introduce the second surface of the sheet body is smooth, radius to thickness ratio, regular shape, with with strong features.

Quality grade mica flakes greatly affect the quality of the pigment manufactured goods. Different particle size mica flakes, the amount of titanium dioxide under the same reaction conditions mica flakes deposited on the surface is different. Titanium dioxide polycrystalline film having large diameters are formed of a thin sheet of mica, titanium dioxide polycrystalline films thicker mica flakes smaller particle size formed on the surface. This is not to obtain a uniform light interference Seyan. At the same time the size of the particles mixed in plastic film or coating application can not be obtained in a regular alignment, due to light scattering and ultimately affect the pearlescent effect of their products.

SBM noted the broad application of mica, the study introduced a number of mica processing equipment, mica processing need to go through crushing and mica powder making machine in order to achieve the desired effect, our processes have broken jaw crusher, impact crusher (cone crusher), conveyor, vibrating screen and other equipment, you need to use mica mill mica powder making machine, produced by our company have Raymond mill, high pressure micro-grinding, etc., according to mill product needs fineness of grind to select, fineness SBM production ring medium speed micro-grinding grind up to 3000 mesh, can achieve a variety of customer needs, is the best choice for the mica powder making machine. Usually mica beneficiation processes are commonly used in hand-selected, friction election, shape election and flotation.

Mica Powder Making Machine Price

Due to the large production of mica mill manufacturers, so prices vary, vary greatly. Our company produces mica mill models, specifications and many, each specification mica mill prices vary, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, the price is great span. In order to meet the diverse needs of users of production, the company produced more than 10 specifications of mica mill, different specifications of the mica powder making machine having a different roller diameter, roller mill ring height and diameter of each specification mica mill powder also have access to material specific particle size, production output, electrical power and other parameters, regardless of your expected yield much, how much the finished size requirements, the company can meet your needs, if you need to know some mica flour price information machine, the need to contact our online customer service or leave a message to us, they will introduce you to the price of the equipment, parameters, performance and other related information.

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