Bentonite Powder Making Machine

Bentonite Powder Making Machine

Bentonite is a montmorillonite containing high clay mineral, generally contain opal, quartz, feldspar, mica, zeolite, chlorite, gypsum, calcite, pyrite and organic matter and so on. Its color is yellowish green, usually creamy white, with a strong sense of slippery, high viscosity, plasticity. Who like a loose soil, but mostly hard and compact ore. Has a strong moisture absorption, it can absorb its own volume of water 8 to 15 times, swelling, multiple expansion from several times to 30 times. Can be dispersed in an aqueous medium was colloidal suspension, this solution - fixed adhesion, thixotropy and lubrication. There is a strong ion-exchange capacity, a variety of gases, liquids, and organic pigments have a stronger adsorption capacity. Bentonite is a montmorillonite clay mineral aqueous. Due to the special nature of it it has widely used in metallurgy, oil, foundry, food, chemical, environmental protection and other industrial sectors. Bentonite bentonite mill for milling effect is obvious, and excellent equipment, widely used, much users of all ages.

Bentonite deep processing needs so that bentonite powder making machine ushered in the opportunity, SBM will launch a special bentonite processing equipment, mainly by the hammer crusher, bucket elevator, storage hopper, vibrating feeders, micro-grinding host, frequency classification machine, double cyclone powder collector, pulse dust removal system, high pressure blower, air compressor, electrical control system. In the most commonly used bentonite processing milling equipment is Raymond mill.

Bentonite Processing Equipment

Bentonite powder making machine at work, will require pulverized material from the side of the machine casing feed hopper into the machine, rely on the host plum shelves hanging roller means around a vertical axis of revolution, while rotation itself, due to the rotation centrifugal force, grinding roller swings out, pressed on the grinding ring, so that shovel blade materials sent between the roller and grinding ring, due to the rolling mill rolls rolling to achieve the purpose of the crushed material. There are direct and indirect drying two kinds of dried bentonite drying. At present, a part of bentonite manufacturer direct drying method, namely the use of heat generated by high-temperature heat pipe hot stove - pure hot air the material for dehydration, drying, dried directly; some indirect drying. Fire Drum Drum dryer China is currently more advanced indirect drying equipment.

Bentonite ore material through the crusher into small particles, by the elevator into the hopper, then through the feeder and tilted guide feed tube evenly to the upper portion of the bulk material on the turntable tray. Bentonite powder making machine at work, roller rotating within the ring road, rolling. Material in the centrifugal effect and scattered to the surrounding fall into the grinding chamber, within the ring road was roller stamping, rolling roll grinding. With the constant high pressure air inside the air suction device, the multi-material crushing after being selected with powder, high-speed rotation of the impeller be screened substandard materials fall regrinding, qualified with the material airflow into the cyclone powder collector, dust particles greater density fall by the discharge valve at the bottom of the discharge is finished, it is less dense fine dust into the air filter, and adhere to the surface of the bag, pulse valve to control high voltage jet stream instantly from inside the bag, the bag due to adhesion of dust on the whereabouts of jitter, the material at the bottom of the conveyor put the two were sent to collect the finished package.

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