Bauxite Ore Grinding Plant

Bauxite Ore Grinding Plant

Traditional bauxite ore grinding plant using a ball mill plus two rod mill grinding process, equipment investment, high grinding power, difficult to manage production. Roller press, also known as extrusion mill, rolling mill, 20th century 80 mid's developed new energy-saving grinding equipment for alternative bauxite crushing industry with high energy consumption, low efficiency rod mill, ball mill, not only has low energy consumption, low investment, but also reduce the steel consumption and noise functions. before the first ball into the bauxite by pretreatment roller press, ball mill system throughput increased by 20% to 30%, through the material after the extrusion cake 0.08mm fines accounted for 20% to 35%, accounting for less than 2mm 65- 85% of the internal structure of small particles due to compression and full of many tiny cracks ore Bond work index greatly reduced roll press application in bauxite crushing there are two main ways: plus roller press grinding mill processes, plus scattered grader roller press finish grinding program.

If the user wishes to directly bauxite crushing by cone crusher to a particle size range from 0 to 25mm (without the use of screening equipment), the cone crusher discharge opening must put very small, the yield on the cone crusher will be substantially reduced, then the cone crusher model must be large. Using two medium size cone crusher, in order to meet the 250 tons per hour crushing to yield. Such a configuration, not only the high cost of investment, but also a great power consumption. Complex structures to the scene cone crusher repair and maintenance more difficult. Therefore, for this type of soft materials using bauxite bauxite ore grinding plant is the most economical and practical, easy maintenance and quick device options. Not only to provide high-quality product size, and power consumption suitable, cost effective investment, repair and maintenance quick and easy.

Bauxite Ore Grinding Plant Production Line Performance Introduction

Bauxite ore grinding plant production line high degree of automation, the entire production line in addition to equipment and routine maintenance of the boot down, almost no manual operation. Bauxite ore grinding plant production of high efficiency, low operating cost, high yield, high-yield, finished stones uniform size, grain shape is good, the national high-speed material requirements. Bauxite beneficiation by changing the surface properties of the ore, it has floatability, then the purpose of mineral and gangue separation. Beneficiation production line typically include crushing, grinding and flotation and other major processes, the key device is a ball mill and flotation machine.

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