Bauxite Ore Crushing Plant

Bauxite Ore Crushing Plant

Bauxite ore crushing plant is ideal for bauxite crushing equipment, which on the one hand due to the effect of production, processing capacity, or a major component of bauxite full set of processing equipment, partly because bauxite crushed mineral potential is greater and therefore the device by many customers, the bauxite crusher where to buy? Recommended to buy SBM bauxite ore crushing plant, one of the manufacturers of both the above areas of gathering advantages, which also has the advantage of the traffic in Zhengzhou, easy to factory fast delivery, short lead times, in addition, SBM unique advantage is a big brand, everything from the user point of view, since the production of the equipment, mature technology, has formed a scale, so the price of the device can be lower than other manufacturers, saving the user investment. Yes, there are perfect service, transportation, installation, integration services regulation, Guarantee satisfaction. So, where to buy bauxite crusher, SBM to buy good, as specific price and model information, etc., would like to know direct online contact customer service.

Abundant domestic bauxite resources, mostly diasporic bauxite, which has high aluminum, silicon, high, low iron characteristics, in order to improve the bauxite sorting efficiency, it must ores performed desilication process, bauxite reduce the silicon content, in order to obtain high-grade aluminum concentrate. Currently beneficiation methods DESILICONIZATION chemical beneficiation, biological and physical beneficiation beneficiation. Bauxite reverse flotation desilication by inhibiting boehmite, cationic or anionic collector flotation collector aluminosilicate minerals. Since the surface properties of various aluminum silicate minerals vary widely, leading to their floatability each other are not the same. More current research is cationic collector flotation, reverse flotation technology the key lies in strengthening aluminum silicate mineral collector, selective inhibition and selectivity of a dispersion and other slime diaspore aspects.

Bauxite ore crushing plant production line mainly consists of vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, focus electric control and other equipment; design output is generally 50-500 tons / hour. To meet the processing needs of different customers, it can be equipped with cone crusher, dust removal equipment. According to technical analysis for the characteristics of bauxite, the choice of two wet ore dissociation techniques, both to ensure better ore dissociation, and can save investment and reduce grinding cost; microbubble flotation selection of integrated fast float election technology, completely overcome the technical problems exist bauxite beneficiation, flotation gradient flotation process for refractory ore to the coarse tailings higher a / S, separated, re-grinding depth dissociation, then then a separate flotation, fine mineral rate and improve overall recovery of alumina; concentrate slurry direct pressure filtration, and concentrated tailings slurry using pressure filtration processes; tailings directly into steam curing unburned; production without waste emission.

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