Antimony Metal Processing Plant

Antimony Metal Processing Plant

Antimony Ore Beneficiation Process

China is the world antimony resources in the country, antimony reserves, production rank first in the world, antimony resources accounted for more than 50% of the world's total antimony is a non-essential organisms, typically toxic heavy metal elements are widely distributed, global environmental pollution one thing. With the increase of antimony applications, more and more of antimony into the environment, the natural environment and human health hazards. The study found that a large number of antimony inhaled, can irritate the respiratory tract, skin and mucous membrane of the esophagus, therefore, antimony ore beneficiation wastewater treatment and more attention.

According to Itar-Tass reported on the 8th, Russia Baikal Territory is building the country's first metal antimony metal processing plant, outside the plant as a base to carry out the construction of the Baikal concentrator. It reported that the Russian Far East and the Baikal Region Development Fund for the second half of 2012 has this item as a priority development projects. In September this year, the Development Fund and the outer concentrator Baikal Baikal Territory outside shareholders Petrochemical Machinery Factory signed a memorandum of cooperation? Petrochemical Machinery Plant general manager said it would start metal antimony metal processing plant project by the end of 2012. It is reported that 80% of Russian antimony mineral resources on the outer Baikal Territory, the current proven reserves of 100 million tons. In 2011, the mine Transbaikal antimony ore concentrator has begun, currently there are 60,000 tons of ore dressing plant is the raw material. He also said concentrator plans to process 5,000 tons of antimony metal per year, the sales price reached $ 6,000 per ton to corporate earnings, and the current international market price of antimony metal is about $ 12,000 per ton.

Antimony metal processing plant sieved crushed ore, grading, jig, shaking table; and then grinding shaker, shaker regrinding final tailings, flotation, the "classification - jig - shaker - flotation" technology process to obtain antimony concentrate recovery rate up to 89.06%. SBM is a professional crusher manufacturer, can provide a variety of different types of advanced solid waste processing machinery and mineral processing equipment. Ensure equipment production capacity while reducing device power consumption. While developing efficient crushing process, antimony metal processing plant for the processing plant has brought unprecedented economic efficiency, the praise of new and old customers.

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