T130X Reinforced Ultrafine Mill

T130X Reinforced Ultrafine Mill

Particle technology is regarded as one of the most important basic technical support for high-tech industries, the development of modern engineering requires many states powder form raw materials and products, it requires a very fine particle size, particle size distribution and to uniform, high purity and contamination as low as possible. Since the particle size after thinning, its specific surface area increases, and thus can be used for various occasions and to have a good performance. Such as pigments, pharmaceuticals, catalysts, magnetic memory components, advanced abrasives, solid lubricants, fine pottery, cosmetics and other aspects need to very fine particles. Although it is possible to obtain ultrafine particles by precipitation method and other chemical synthesis, but because high chemical powder preparation cost, low energy efficiency, it has so far failed to apply to large-scale industrial production. Another method of obtaining ultrafine particles is the raw material through T130X reinforced ultrafine mill grinding so as to meet the requirements of ultrafine particles. At home and abroad are studying a variety of ultra-fine milling equipment, methods and theories.

The characteristics of reinforced ultrafine mill

Milling particles depends on the nature of the material, milling machines, contact force, squeezing mechanism and the environment. Traditional milling theory applies only to relatively coarse particles crushing, micro-fine particles in order to achieve not only by squeezing broken, it can be achieved. An ultrafine particle is reached by the stress relief leaving broken, and could not be a single ultra-fine grinding broken, but broken layer by layer continuous ultrafine-milled main factors are: high elasticity, accumulation and package inverse crushed. Excess energy to the surface and crystal structure of the particles is destroyed, but the negative effect of manufacturing chemical substance is mechanically opened up a new path. In T130X reinforced ultrafine mill can be obtained nanoscale crystal structure, thereby making it more responsive to new technical requirements.

Ultrafine Grinding The Future Development Direction

Human substances involved basically be divided into fluid and solid, and solid state materials are in the presence of particles or treated. With the advancement of technology. The powder properties of the requirements will be increasingly high, ultra-fine powder preparation technique in high technology research and development will play an increasingly important role. Mechanically difficult to obtain fine powder depends ultrafine grinding and classification technology is increasing, its endless depth research. This technology is a comprehensive technical aspects of its development also depends on the progress of related technologies, such as manufacture of high hardness and high toughness wear-resistant components, high-speed bearings, ultra-fine powder capturing submicron particle size distribution measurement and the like.

Future T130X reinforced ultrafine mill technology trends are:

  1. Reduce energy consumption. Agitated grinding equipment will be increasingly used, tower mill will take part on behalf of the wet fine grinding in a ball mill process. Jet Milling need to go with the impact crushing and grinding ways of combining the road, will it be possible to improve the energy utilization. Aids and dispersants will be gradually recognized and widely used in ultra-fine grinding and classification process. Maximize the use of ultra-fine grinding and classification process combines closed-circuit system to improve the energy consumption per unit of output.
  2. T130X reinforced ultrafine mill moving in a direction into the nanoscale. Dispersion and evaluation related to this pollution resistant materials and nano powder technology will become a huge obstacle in research in this area will be taken seriously.
  3. Ultrafine grinding technology must rely on the support of ultra-fine grading technology. Large capacity, high-precision classification technology and equipment is the key superfine flour milling, grading gradually achieve the required energy even won over the grinding process.
  4. Combined mechanical-chemical Principles and ultrafine grinding technology, will expand the scope of application of the technology. By means of a surface-coated orange, solid solubility phenomenon, can be prepared a number of new materials with unique properties.

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